PhD program

Graduate studies in statistics at Uppsala University provides a solid foundation for continued academic achievement but is also an attractive training for work in public administration and private industry. The PhD program consists of a course part and a thesis. The introductory courses provide an excellent theoretical basis before the further advanced courses and for the thesis work. The thesis provides a sound training in both method development as in applied method.


The PhD program ends with a PhD degree. The program includes 240 credits including 105 credits of courses and a dissertation of 135 credits.

Entry requirements

Anyone with a degree on the advanced level (i.e. a masters degree), have completed the course requirements of at least 240 credits (including at least 60 credits at advanced level) has fulfilled the basic entry requirements. The specific eligibility requirements for admission to the PhD program in statistics requires that the applicant has passed courses of 90 credits in statistics, including at least 60 credits at advanced level. Anyone that in any other way, in or out of the country, has acquired equivalent knowledge are also considered to fulfill the basic entry requirements or the specific eligibility requirements respectively.


PhD students have full funding and access to workplace, library, computer, computer programs, etc.


The PhD program begins September 1 each year. Deadline for applications is April 15. PhD positions are advertised on the homepage of vacant positions, along with applications instructions. Applications are not accepted via e-mail.